Monday, August 24, 2015

Breaking! Is Korea headed to war while we all watch the market?

via Bantay Spratly
BREAKING NEWS! North Korea forward deploys amphibious landing crafts carrying special forces
North Korea has deployed amphibious landing crafts carrying special forces to the frontline as the country keeps up its tight combat readiness despite on-going inter-Korean talks to defuse military tension, military sources said Monday.
About 10 North Korean air-cushioned landing crafts have left their home base in Cholsan, North Pyongan Province, and come forward to a naval base, located about 60 kilometers north of the Northern Limit Line, the de facto inter-Korean border in the Yellow Sea, the sources said.
“Since North Korea declared a semi-war state, its invasion vehicles and forces have been actively moving,” one of the sources said.
More than 50 North Korean submarines are also apparently away from their bases for operations, a sign that the North is gearing up for combat while participating in high-level talks aimed at easing tension, an official here said.
“Seventy percent of North Korea’s submarines left their bases, and their locations are not confirmed,” the South Korean military official told reporters.
The North is known to have around 70 submarines.
The unpredictable communist nation has also doubled the number of its artillery troops on the border, with the command to be combat ready, according to the official.
What aren't we being told?

If this is true then shit is getting real.  I bet the boys on Okinawa are having a real busy day.

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