Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Camp Shelby is being fired upon...BREAKING!!!

I can't believe how STUPID the people at SOCOM are.

Its so obvious that they have no idea of the feelings that are flowing thru some sectors of the community down South.

They really should have talked to some people, gauged public a feel for HUMAN TERRAIN before they started this exercise.

Let me repeat.  Too many people in the "exercise area" have military experience and training.  Too many are aware of the LAVISH combat cities that are available for use by the armed forces on VAST SWATHS of federal land.

The response to questions by citizens that amounted to "trust us", "its secret" and "fuck  you" is resulting in this violence.

Do I condone it?  No way.  Could I see it coming?  Hell yeah...anyone could that took the time to see.

No one was hurt at Camp Shelby (that's a good thing) but expect even more of should really worry about what will happen in West Texas, Arizona and New Mexico...there are some people out there that will come loaded for bear and won't simply fire warning shots.  Its about to get real for the sunshade boys.

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