Thursday, August 06, 2015

China selling J-10's to Iran?

via National Interest.
China is reportedly prepared to sell Iran some of its J-10 multi-role fighter jets.
Over the last week, a number of sources have reported that China and Iran are finalizing an agreement for Beijing to sell Tehran the Chengdu J-10, which China exports under the name the F-10. The aircraft is called the Vigorous Dragon in the West.
Many of the reports trace back to DebkaFile, an Israeli military and intelligence site with questionable credibility. Last week, DebkaFile reported that China intends to sell Iran 150 J-10s. The story cited unnamed military and intelligence sources.
Uh wow.

Everyone looks at the SU-30 series of fighters in China's arsenal as the main short term threat but the J-10 to me has always been an overlooked wild card.  Everyone says that it has F-16 like performance but I doubt that.  I really get the impression (from what I've read) that it is much more formidable....but that's just my opinion.

Now Iran is about to get it?  I wonder what else they're going to buy....anti-ship missiles...advanced air to air missiles....armored vehicles.....Iran is about to make a generational leap ahead in military tech.

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