Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Chinese Marines ZBD05 participates in Russia's Tank Olympics...

Photo and story from China Defense Blog...

Here comes the PLAN Marine
The "Caspian Derby" individual race, which was one of the events of the Russian International Army Games 2015, kicked off at the Adanak Range in Kaspiysk, Russia on August 3. China's three participating crews ranked the first, fourth, and fifth respectively. Russia's three crews ranked the second, third and seventh respectively, and Kazakhstan's three crews ranked the sixth, eighth and ninth respectively.

From what little I've seen from these Tank Olympics, it seems that the Russians were impressed with the physical fitness of the Chinese more than their vehicles...don't know if that's true but from reading Russian armor forums that's the impression I get.

Additionally it seems that someone tried to drift a tank and ended up rolling it....and more countries showed up with the Russians INVITING THE US TO PLAY!!!!

Yeah.  The Ruskies basically challenged the US to come and play in their Olympics.

1st or 2nd Tanks should take them up on it!

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