Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Crazy Fact of the Day....Republic of Korea has a bigger army than the USA.

The discussion about Korea possibly sliding into war has been interesting.  Slowman, a long time reader, made a statement that stopped me cold in my tracks....
It is still a Cold War going on over there. Where on earth do you find a country of 23 million with 1 million man army, 10,000 artillery, 7,000 MLRS, 800 fighter jets, and 80 submarines? The opposing side, the ROK, has the biggest army of the free world, yes, the ROK Army is officially bigger than the US Army as of past couple months, and is accounted to have more firepower than the Imperial Japanese Army of the WW2 era. A war between two such military powers will create a level of destruction not seen since the Soviet-Nazi war.
I did a quick check and from what I could find it appears to be true.

Ain't that a kick in the pants.  S. Korea.  A small country.  A country with fewer worldwide interests than we do, has a larger army.

Ain't that a kick in the pants!

Sidenote:  I stand ready to be corrected on this but if this is true then we're seeing almost criminal malfeasance.  This is unsat!  How can we at this time of worldwide unrest downsize our forces to this extent?  Oh and the numbers from the US Army & ROK Army Wiki pages give good numbers.  Check them out for yourself here and here.

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