Saturday, August 22, 2015

Did BAE quietly bring back the SEP from the dead?

via Defense News.
Six defense companies have offered their vehicles for the program: US-based General Dynamics with the Piranha Class 5 design; the French GTD-Nexter with the VBCI; Italy's Iveco-Oto Melara with the Centauro Freccia; Finland's Patria with the Patria AMV; German companies Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Rheinmetall with the Boxer; and the Swedish SEP developed by BAE Systems.
However, the prototype bid of General Dynamics is the clear favorite. Spanish Defense Minister Pedro Morenés said it clearly in the national Parliament: “All the 8x8 armored vehicles must be constructed in Spanish factories.” Only two of the five companies fulfill this requirement — General Dynamics with Santa Bárbara Sistemas factories, and Iveco-Oto Melara.

Sorry for the photo spread on this, but I've always been a big fan of the SEP.  If I had to do a list of the best vehicles never to make it into service then the SEP would be at the top (or near it) of it.

The thing that gets me though is that the people at Defense News missed this.  This is huge and makes me wonder about the strategy that BAE is about to employ.

They dusted off a vehicle that I thought long dead (don't get that part twisted either...the SEP was super advanced at the time and even if they didn't improve it in my opinion it would still be the equal if not better than any of its competition)?

BAE is about to push production over profit is my guess.  They're taking control of the pricing by now entering into production more partnerships...and will make every competition a price shootout.

This is good news for the USMC.  The price will be right for the Amphibious Combat Vehicle.  The only issue will be whether or not the Corps is serious about actually buying a replacement for the AAV.

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