Friday, August 14, 2015

Drone Aircraft Concepts by Matthieu (Deviant Art Page)

Check out this guys work here.  He's obviously a young guy and has moved from photomanipulation to some pretty good photography on his FaceBook Page. Most interesting to me was the idea of a large cargo aircraft being converted to a "remotely piloted vehicle"....if C-17's are simply carrying cargo and not passengers then we could eliminate pilot fatigue as a factor in transport.  The same should apply to aerial refueling aircraft (if they're using the drogue method).  How much extra tonnage could a C-17 or KC-46 carry in cargo or fuel if life support systems were eliminated?  Would it be worth the experiment?

A robotic C-17 that is only used to carry cargo and not personnel?  Sign me up!

F-35's don't need to get in the weeds to deliver CAS?  If that's the case then why not robotic AH-1Z's?

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