Monday, August 03, 2015

Duterte says America will never die for PH....another reason why a Pacific "NATO" is a pipe dream...

“America would never die for us,” Mayor Rodrigo Duterte told visiting military attachés, including those from the United States and China, during a discussion of the South China Sea territorial dispute here on Thursday.
“If America cared, it would have sent its aircraft carriers and missile frigates the moment China started reclaiming land in contested territory, but no such thing happened,” said Duterte, a potential presidential candidate in next year’s general elections.
And then this...
Why can’t you leave us alone, allow us to fish in the area, which we’ve been doing for centuries. Those are important sources of food for us. Are you going to kill us with hunger?” Duterte said, addressing himself to the Chinese military attaché.
“Don’t oppress us, you’re already a rich country while lots of our people are poor. We’re not going to make war. Will you allow us to die of hunger?” he said.
Duterte spoke at a closed-door meeting of military attachés from 20 countries at The Marco Polo Hotel that discussed regional security and the territorial disputes between China and five smaller neighbors in the region.

I told ya so.  Many questioned whether a rather simple scenario lined out in my fictional story would actually freeze the nations of the Pacific and leave us standing alone in a fight against China.

Are you kidding me?

The reality is stark.  Most of the nations in that region are simply using us to their advantage.  The idea of a Pacific "NATO" is a pipe dream.  The rivalries are too strong, China despite its aggression is seen as a counter weight to the US and unity in the region is an impossibility.

Second.  This guy spoke to military representatives from 20 countries and delivered this message?

I thought the Philippines was ready for warmer relations with the US.  If a leading politician is speaking like this then maybe not.

If you're asking for help then you can't demand that the help be provided on your terms.  We should walk away if the Philippines can't get with OUR program.

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