Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Flakka...the latest street drug you should be aware of...

via Vice News.
A video captured by the body cameras of two cops in southern Illinois last month reportedly shows a naked man, allegedly high on the drug flakka, violently thrashing around his home, flipping over furniture, banging into walls, yelling, and avoiding all attempts by police to subdue him.

The two police officers used stun guns to try to get control of Stephen Berkeley, 51, whom they say was in a state of "excited delirium" caused by the drug — symptoms include agitation, anxiety, high body temperature, and hallucinations — and called for medical assistance, according to police chief William Southerd of Christopher, Illinois.

But it was too late, Southerd said. Berkeley died of an overdose. An investigator at the scene noted the bruises on Berkeley's body and the two officers nearby, and said the death would have been suspicious if not for the body camera videos showing Berkeley's demeanor, Southerd said.

"This video was like something I've never seen before," Southerd said. "The guy was completely going nuts in the bedroom, banging into walls, flipping things over. He completely tore the room up, and once they got him subdued he died."
"If it wasn't for the body cameras I'd probably have two officers in jail right now," he added. "Even our crime scene guys came in and said I've got a room completely torn up with bruises all over [the deceased], and two officers. I wouldn't know how to rule this."

Southerd declined to share the video with VICE News, citing privacy concerns of Berkeley's family, but hopes to eventually secure its release and use it as an educational tool to alert legislators and school authorities to what he says is the growing threat of flakka, which he described as "bath salts on steroids."

Just plain awesome.

Some mad scientist chemist has made a new drug that makes people wig out and act crazy (crazier?).

Sorry.  I'm not even laying hands on some idiot that has the strength of Hercules while never stepping one foot into the gym, was probably already psychotic before he took mind altering drugs and is probably carrying some type of disease that could threaten not only my life but the lives of those I love.

Avoid.  Attempt to clear the area...and if further threatened I'm putting him down.

Flakka.  The latest threat to you and yours.

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