Sunday, August 02, 2015

Forget Syria. Start focusing on Yemen!

via Defense Blog
via Defense Blog

If you click the link under each photo, it will take you to Defense Blog that found pics of AMX-56 LeClerc Main Battle Tanks and Humvees mounting quad Kornet Anti-Tank missiles in Yemen from the UAE.

I make note of it on this blog because the GCC appears to be becoming more involved in fighting that seems to be intensifying there.

I think we're all missing a major story in Yemen.  Independent journalist aren't covering it (and I don't blame them) but I get get the impression that the proxy war between Iran and the GCC is reaching a new phase.

Forget Syria.  Its becoming a sideshow.  Turkey's assault on the Kurds seems like an attempt to shape borders to their liking.  My guess is that a stalemate is being "shaped" by the powers that be.  Yemen is a different kettle of fish.  The GCC and Iran are playing for keeps. Start focusing on Yemen.

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