Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Germany's future Panzer via

Thanks to Dwi for the link!

Many more pics here.

Interesting.  I guess the Russians are scaring the Germans a bit more than I imagined.  As far as this "new" tank is concerned the only part that strikes me as being unique is the RWS.  Its compact, streamlined and appears to have a bit of armor protection.  The rest of it we've seen before in bits and pieces.  Diwi pointed out that its remarkably similar to the MBT Revolution Leopard that was produced years ago and I agree.

I guess the long barrel 120mm cannon is noteworthy but again, that appears to be out of fear that their current rounds can't penetrate the Armata.  I'd still bet on our Depleted Uranium being able to punch thru.

All in all good for German morale but I don't see much to get excited about.

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