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Haynie talks female Marine physical standards at USNI Blog and shows why I don't read it anymore....

UPDATE:  I circled back to USNI Blog to read comments.  Only two Navy types bothered.  This should concern Marine leadership.  The Colonels and below all see the writing on the wall and will not voice REAL opinions on a "semi-official" site because of the risk of retaliation.  Wait you say.  That means that these people accept this!  Wrong.  If Marines were gung ho about this then you'd see them saying so publicly.  They're not.  All that means is that this is further proof of dissension in the ranks.  Marines are pissed and its because of feckless leadership that have no idea how their people on the ground actually feel about things.  They'll vote with their feet.  

via USNI Blog (separate from USNI News)...
I have been a Marine for over 17 years. Prior to my commissioning, I was a midshipman for four years. During those 21+ years, I have never heard a single female Marine express satisfaction with any physical standard that was less than that required by the men she served with, nor have I heard a female Marine express a desire for separate and different training. On the contrary, the prevailing attitude among women has repeatedly held that lower, easier standards for women were stupid, made women seem weaker and less capable, and were in the end downright dangerous, and that integrated training is the only way to go.
Over the past month, stories about LtCol Kate Germano’s “agenda” have been circulated in the news (her agenda seems to be all about holding women to the same standards as the men, seeking gender-integrated training, and similar supposedly tough demands). While I cannot speak with authority about the specifics of an “abrasive” leadership style, I can certainly talk about her complaints regarding the separate—lower—standards applied to female Marines. In fact, I am beginning to feel like a broken record. And in conversations I have had over the past two weeks, it seems many women, both those currently serving and those who have left the military, feel the same way. See my past posts about the PFT and pullups for some past discussion.
So to make this perfectly clear, women by and large do not appreciate, deserve, or desire different physical standards to be a Marine, nor do they benefit from them. Female Marines do not clamor for lower standards, don’t seek simply to achieve the minimum of said lower standards, and rarely speak approvingly of such standards.

What she doesn't talk about is the dirty little secret.  The fact that standards for males will be lowered to allow for female equality in physical performance.

You can be as politically correct as you want but you can't fight biology.

Female Marines will be injured once they're pushed into combat arms.  Everyone knows it but just like this bullshit about not wanting lower standards, no one will call the "social engineers" on it.

If it wasn't for the News side of the house I'd blast that whole place.  They have an agenda and it should be obvious to all.  I just hope that their daughters one day tell them that they want to be Marine Infantry.  Their idea/social experiment should be their future pain.  This is why I don't read USNI Blog.  Oh and to the person that sent me the link?  Fuck you.

NOTE:  Below is a vid of General Robert H. Barrow, 27th Commandant of the Marine Corps.  A man of integrity, honor and honesty.  Drink in his words...and then think about the current state of affairs.

Bonus coverage of this issue?

Go here to read Colonel John Ripley's view on women in combat!  A genuine hero, went to every OOHRAH school or course (to include the Royal Marines Commando Course) and fought an epic battle at Dong Ha Bridge (required reading for any Marine).  If you can't take his word for it then I don't want to have anything to do with you!

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