Thursday, August 20, 2015

Just awesome. S. Korea is lobbing rounds into N. Korea...UPDATED!

Thanks to Galvars for the link!

via Reuters.
South Korea fired tens of artillery rounds towards North Korea on Thursday after the North fired a projectile towards a South Korean loudspeaker that had been blaring anti-Pyongyang broadcasts, the defense ministry in Seoul said.
North Korea did not immediately respond to the South's shots, it said, as tensions rose on the peninsula.
South Korea said its detection equipment had spotted the trajectory of a suspected North Korean projectile launched at around 3:52 pm (0252 EDT), which did not appear to have damaged the loudspeaker or caused any injuries.
"Our military has stepped up monitoring and is closely watching North Korean military movements," South Korea's defense ministry said in a statement.
South Korea's military raised its alert status to the highest level.
There was no mention of the firing in North Korean state media, which does not typically make immediate comment on events.
Just awesome (here).

We really need to pull our forces out of S. Korea.  First they have the capability to defend themselves and second they constantly do this bone head 1910 bullshit!

Why the need to broadcast anti-N. Korean broadcasts across the border?  The people there are already in misery.

Its almost like a S. Korean general wants to kick something off.

If so then fine.

Just leave us out of it.

UPDATE:  Patrick is telling me that the S. Koreans started broadcasting because of "mines" injuring their soldiers?  Regardless.  I stand by my statement.  We don't need any parts of this and need to pull out to let the S. Koreans fend for themselves.  As a sidenote, I heard nothing about the mine incident which I find...interesting.

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