Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ok Army. You've motorized the 82nd Airborne. Now how will you use them?

Ok Army.  You finally did the Mike Sparks thing and motorized the 82nd Airborne.  Congrats to Sparks and to your "reformers".

Now tell us all how you will use them, how this isn't a tremendous drag on a thousand mile supply line and how this new "mobility" will make you better.

I've looked at it and besides looking cool I see no benefit.

Tell me where I'm wrong.

SIDENOTE:  I need to inform everyone that this idea first originated with Mike Sparks waaay back when.  He even wrote a book with several other Army types that was called "Air-Mech Strike...Asymetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century"....but again...the Army isn't doing what Sparks called for in his book or his website (Combat Reform is what he called it and if nothing else it has tons of historic information that all will find interesting).

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