Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Remember the Saudi/UAE tanks in Yemen?

via Almanar.com
The Yemeni army and the Popular Committees foiled an attempt by the Saudi-US aggression to advance towards the Al-Bayda' province in central Yemen.
Sources told Al-Manar TV that attacking forces - joined by al-Qaeda terrorists and armed mercenaries - tried on Monday to advance towards Al-Bayda' city before falling into the ambush of Yemeni forces in the point located between Abyan and Bayda' provinces.
The Yemeni national units thwarted the operation, leaving scores of the enemy elements killed and wounded, after they destroyed two Saudi armored vehicles and seized 6 other Emirati vehicles that were used during the attack on Aden city.
In a similar development, a unit of the Yemeni forces managed to directly hit a Saudi fighter tank deployed in al-Khoba site, where the fighters sneaked into the Saudi military post and targeted a tanks assembly point.
They also managed to destroy a Saudi tank and to set another armored vehicle ablaze.
In Najran border area, Yemeni fighters fired guided missiles on an Abrams tank with 5 Saudi soldiers on board. Their bodies were seen flying through the place.

The first line in this "story" makes it suspect but information from that war zone has been extremely spotty for good reason.  No independent journalist with any common sense would travel to that region.

So we depend on jaded news sources.

What can we tell from this posting?

Fighting is still taking place.  Some of it appears to be quite intense.  Claims of vehicles...M1A2 Abrams being destroyed has to be taken with a bit of doubt....at least until we see the pics and get confirmation from the Saudi's.

In the Middle East, no news is bad news.  If the Saudi's were rampaging and destroying the rebel forces we would hear about it because they'd be shouting it from the rooftops.

This is probably gonna get even nastier before its over...and its nasty already.

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