Friday, August 07, 2015

Royal Air Force says the Indian "story" about the SU-30MK vs. Typhoon is .... exaggerated!

via Forces TV
Sources from the RAF state, however, that Indian planes were being 'bedded in' to new terrain and effectively shown the ropes. The RAF were "introducing them to the airspace", putting the Typhoons up against the Sukhois in something more akin to a pigeon-shooting exercise, rather than a combat exercise, so the Indian pilots could get their bearings.
Once the IAF were comfortable flying in foreign air space the Large Force Exercises (LFEs) began and subsequently the RAF Typhoons proved more than a match for the Indian SU-30's.

Personally I'm not buying it.

I think we got it wrong.  We always thought that the Typhoon was the best European fighter.  I think maybe the Rafale actually is.  Additionally the Gripen E could probably fly rings around the Typhoon in a WVR fight.

The Typhoon a top 5 fighter?

Not from where I'm sitting.

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