Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saudi Arabia/GCC begin the Yemen "surge"...

Photos and video via Defence Blog...

Otokar Arma IFV

I have no idea what this vehicle is.

Defence Blog has been doing a really good job of following the armor movements in Yemen.  They're to be applauded.  

But to the facts at hand.  It appears that Saudi Arabia/GCC is following the American playbook by surging forces into Yemen in an attempt to correct the setbacks they've recently faced.  They should be thrilled that the Western media isn't covering this conflict carefully.  They'd have egg all over their faces if they did.

One thing is certain though.  The US, Iran, Russia, the EU and China are all probably monitoring events carefully.  Not only is the fighting being followed but also the performance of the armored vehicles in the fight.

With the appearance of more French LeClerc MBTs and Otokar Arma IFVs we should finally get a good look at their performance in a real conflict.  But what really has me amazed is the number of forces being suged.  Does Saudi Arabia have much left?  I'm sure they're keeping their National Guard forces in reserve so if this doesn't work out (or even if it does) do they have the ability to reinforce/exploit its failure/success?

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