Sunday, August 16, 2015

Self Defense Training....Pelvic shots are catching on! What are the implications?

I had a chance to get in some work at the range and one thing that I'm starting to see more and more is pelvic shots.

In my mind it makes sense.

Head shots are notoriously difficult to pull off.  The head is too animated for clear clean hits.  Triple taps to the chest risk dealing with someone that happens to be wearing body armor.  Trauma plates reinforce them and the chance of actually stopping someone in this day in age with a shot to the region are diminishing (I've even read that heavily muscled individuals weren't put down due to the density of tissue over vital organs...might be an old wives tale though...trying to run down an actual example).

That leaves pelvic shots.

Completely incapacitating on the first hit with the added bonus being that the criminal will never be involved in an active crime again (most will be rendered wheel chair bound after such a hit) and I don't see many down sides.

Is it applicable in all situation?  No.  Does it provide another effective target area that you should practice to hit?  Hell yeah!

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