Saturday, August 01, 2015

SK 105. Could this General Dynamics product be the next MPF for Army Airborne?

Thanks to MicMac80 for reminding me of this vehicle!

This is a follow on to Defense Media Review's article on the US Army Airborne's search for a Mobile Protected Firepower (Light Tank).


Think about the portfolio of every armored vehicle 'maker' and name which one has LISTED a PURPOSE BUILT light tank.

BAE?  Surprisingly no.  Nexter?  Nope.  ST Kinetics?  No.  KMW?  Are you kidding?

The only people that have a listed light tank is General Dynamics Europe in the form of the SK 105.  I have no idea whether its still listed for legacy purposes or if it can be put into production (if its not already) but its on their page (check it out here).

Wanna know the kick in the pants?

It meets all requirements.  It fits a C-130, is tracked, I assume it has all the latest bells and whistles and mounts a 105mm cannon.  If Army Airborne and the Armored community (oh and I was issue of eArmor magazine shows that the Armor community is fully behind this move) want a quick, off the shelf buy that is everything they're looking for then the SK 105 fits the bill.

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