Thursday, August 06, 2015

The exit interview of Capt Kirby Jones, USMC....a warning to leadership...

I was doing my late night turn thru the web and ran across this article from USNI News.  Read it all here, but the part that is a warning...a stark and urgent warning to leadership is below....
I was continually frustrated by the prevailing hypocrisy and mixed messages coming from all sides and lower than expected levels of competency and character in leadership. Throughout The Basic School it was preached to me that I would be a leader and need to make quick, decisive, important decisions, but in the fleet it felt as if everything I did had to be run by several levels above me. Even as a Company Commander, I often felt powerless to make simple decisions for my Company knowing that they would just be overruled later. This impression filtered down to subordinates in being constantly told to trust your enlisted Marines, but yet scolded when you let them take charge and ceased to micromanage their efforts. I had exceptionally high expectations of leadership gleaned mainly from the awesome Marines that I encountered very early on in my career and the majority of leaders that I served under did not reach these high standards.
The warning has been issued.

The tribe is restless, frustrated, and in some cases disheartened.

Will the new Commandant be able to fix this?  I don't know.  Alot of stuff is said but in the end that 6,000 mile hammer is always hovering overhead ready to pound those that do instead of those that simply talk.

What should have the nation spinning is the obvious.  We're not talking about the Army, Navy, or Air Force.  This is being said in the USMC.  If its reached this level in our house then what's going on with our brother services?

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