Saturday, August 22, 2015

The terrorist take down in France & the USMC's reputation...

I got tons of notes yesterday about the early (and wrong) reports of US Marines taking down terrorists on a train in France.

It just didn't sound right to me.

My thinking might be flawed but the first thing that popped into my mind was that's the Army and Air Forces territory...what would a couple of Marines be doing in France?

Ya see I was thinking about a weekend liberty.  Yeah there are more than a couple of Joint Force billets in Germany and the UK but didn't feel right....and I was correct.

But the bigger issue to me is one that galls the other services and even Special Operations.

When people think about valor, courage and "doing what others won't" the first people they think of are Marines.

Watching the coverage of the event you could hear the intense pride and almost giddiness of the reporters every time they said the words "our Marines" took down a terrorist.  When it soon became apparent that the heroes were an Airman and an Army National Guardsman the pride remained but you could sense a little bit of air coming out of the balloon.


The reputation of the Corps has been paid for in blood.  The American people EXPECT hardened warriors that will defend the nation.  That is something that we cannot squander.

The USMC's reputation is stellar.  That's why I bitch and blog.  We can't let anyone...even misguided leadership (whether in the Pentagon or White House or Congress) to ruin it.

Sidenote:  I don't know who is pushing out these guys names in the news media but where are the Force Protection folks?  Pushing this up and posting names to the news, and having the President call them only makes them and their families targets!  I'm just a blogger with an attitude and I can see this so why can't the intel people?  Don't be shocked if some lone wolf decides to go after these guys families.  If they went after an arts festival and a news office then they certainly go after people that thwarted an attack and became famous for it.

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