Sunday, August 09, 2015

Ukraine is still a mess. OSCE vehicles torched.

via Voice of America...
Four vehicles belonging to the OSCE monitoring mission to Ukraine were set on fire outside their hotel overnight in the rebel-controlled Donetsk, the observers said.
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe observers said in a tweet Sunday it was an apparent arson attack.
An OSCE statement said monitors heard four loud bursts about 2:30 a.m. local time, which they said were likely the sound of the tires on the armored vehicles exploding. Firefighters had extinguished the flames by 3:20 a.m.
Three OSCE vehicles were completely destroyed, one heavily damaged and three others partially damaged by the heat from the fire, the OSCE statement said. No observers were injured in the arson.

Alot of you aren't gonna like this.

I'm tired of the "Iraq in Europe" that Ukraine has become.

Why aren't the Europeans doing more?  Why are they waiting for the US to play a part in this drama?  I keep hearing that Russia isn't a threat and how the European nations can face them down without our help, so why aren't they dealing with more forcefully on a diplomatic level?

If you frequent military blogs in the US and Asia, you'll find that this isn't on many people's radar.  The reason is obvious.  At its heart this is a Europe issue.  No one wants to be responsible for the economic drain that will come with Ukraine going either way.

Quite honestly does anyone even remember what the fighting is all about?

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