Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Unit 731, ISIS and an American "Jericho" Option...

Humans acting barbarically isn't new.  From the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, to the tortures during the Medieval Ages, forward to the things done by Unit 731 (Japanese) and the Nazi SS (Germans) to the acts of the N. Koreans during the Korean War (and continuing to today), the N. Vietnamese/Viet Cong and now ISIS.

Barbaric acts are a constant in our history.

The question that I tried to push forward in my previous post is simple.  Is it time for the US military to consider an American "Jericho" Option.

I've gotten huge pushback.  Not in the comments but in a few e-mails that I've received.

They're being silly in my opinion.  I fully believe that the social engineers have carried the day.  Women will be placed in Combat Arms (its already happening) so we either need to put some steel in the spine of the public and let them know the real dangers...or we need to develop policies that take into account the reality.

US units will be less capable.  They will be more reliant on supporting fires.  They will face a future where we can expect them to be overrun and our personnel captured.

If it happens what do we do?  Do we simply watch and hope for the best or do we provide a tender mercy?

That is the question.  Don't turn away from it.  Consider it and tell me what you would do.

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