Saturday, August 29, 2015

Where does free will end and coercion begin?

Photos and story via MiseeHarris (here).

A boy commits suicide and his online girlfriend encouraged it.  Now she's on trial for manslaughter.

This is only on my radar because of its morality play.  Personally I find the charges ridiculous.  Its a cause celeb' on the internet because it allows people (in my opinion) to act as if they're somehow superior and feel pain that they really don't for this persons passing.

But it does beg the question.  Where does free will end and coercion begin?  If we truly are the "captain's of our ship" then the opinion of others should be irrelevant.

But that's the problem isn't it?  Most are swayed by the desire to be seen as "better" or "on the right side of history" by others instead of following their own moral compass.

Yeah.  This is bullshit and the District Attorney is seeking headlines instead of justice.  Time to whip out the cartoon panel again.  Drink it boys and girls.  The opinion of others IS irrelevant.

The real crime here is that this young man wasn't taught independence in thought and deed at an early age.  Luckily lifetime learning is a reality. Hopefully many of the people that are caught up in groupthink will learn the bravery that comes from simply THINKING and not relying on others to do it for them.  

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