Monday, August 10, 2015

Your next battle field? Guyana vs. Venezuela...

Thanks to William for the link!

via Business Insider..
The Esequibo territory, reclaimed by Venezuela, encompasses two-thirds of Guyana’s land, and the centennial dispute has reemerged following ExxonMobil’s announcement of important oil discoveries underneath the contested area.
Venezuela’s government has taken an ambiguous stance, playing the de jure and de facto cards simultaneously.
On the one hand, Mr. Maduro has requested Ban Ki Moon create a special commission to resolve the claim diplomatically. On the other hand, the President plans to issue 200,000 thousand Venezuelan ID cards to Guyanese citizens who inhabit the disputed territory.
Caracas has already redefined maritime borders and activated the so called ‘Atlantic ZODIMAIN’ (for Insular and Maritime Defense Zones), virtually making Guyana lose its sovereign access to the sea, leaving its coastal waters encircled by Venezuela’s and Suriname’s territorial waters.

Above you see Guyana's most powerful armored vehicle. A Urutu "IFV". There most powerful airplane? A Bell 412. There annual military budget? 456,000 Guyana Dollars.

If this is true then Venezuela picked its target well. An oil rich country that has no ability to extract it, is unable to get Oil corporations to go in and a seemingly compliant UN involved in the nonsense.

On a sidenote, let's assume the worse case scenario here.  Let's say that Venezuela acts and tries to seize parts of Guyana.  Who will help and what will they be able to send?  It was a former Netherlands and British colony....but they won't be able to do much.  The US is who is going to protect Guyana from this aggression?  How about its S. American neighbors?  Brazil?  Nope, it has economic problems of its own.  Columbia?  Its dealing with an insurgency.

Guyana is screwed.

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