Sunday, August 09, 2015

ZBD89 Sat Communication Vehicle.

Photo via Defense Blog.

I don't know what to make of this.

China Defense Blog made a statement that "we're seeing more and more of these vehicles showing up in China's order of battle".

I thought it was a throw away statement just to gain eyeballs.


I'm not so sure.  What are the Chinese up to here.  I only have one guess but its not based on anything and I could easily be wrong.  What if the Chinese are taking a page from our playbook but instead of basing it on company sized units of infantry....what if they're looking to do battalion sized, mechanized infantry/armor distributed operations across several islands or land masses at once?

The USMC is investing heavily in command and control for the CLT so why shouldn't we expect the same from the Chinese.  Only they appear to be pushing money toward their armored formations instead of infantry.

We keep moving the glass away but they keep getting a longer straw to drink our milkshake (if I'm right).

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