Monday, September 21, 2015

22 Russian warships headed to the Med?

Pics via English Russia...
As being reported in Russian media, there are currently over twenty Russian warships and battleships in the Mediterranean Sea. Most of those already relocated to its Eastern part - same where Syria is, and probably heading to the country. Here is the whole list and description of the armada in action.

A Russian pivot to the Med?  I'm not sure but this looks like they're reassembling the old fleet (concept) that prowled those waters back during the 70's and 80's.

Nothing to see here though.  Ignore the fact that the Israeli PM, Defense and Intel chiefs headed to Moscow instead of Washington, Paris, London or Berlin.  Don't believe your lying eyes when you see Russian Air and Sea bases being built on the Syrian coast.  Dismiss the thought that Russian Marines are setting up defensive positions in Syria to protect the Assad regime....and ignore the fact that the Iranians already have the Quds force on the ground support Syrian forces.

Yeah.  Ignore all that and believe that our strategy is working to perfection.  Sarcasm off.  We're getting outfoxed at every turn.

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