Sunday, September 20, 2015

2nd ACR in Hungary...working the human terrain?

Below are more pics of 2nd ACR in Hungary.  American Mercenary would say that they're working the human terrain.  I say this is just a public relations exercise.  My question is simple.  Has the US Army become so enamored with counter insurgency ops that they're confusing PR with combat power?  We've seen it before.  When the Soviet Union rode into Hungary in 1956 the revolution was halted and the govt returned to the Soviet Orbit (talking about shortly after WW2).  Have things changed so much today that bad PR can deflect a 125mm high explosive shell?  Oh and as far as the captions I attached to the pics...a little tongue in cheek

SFC thinks he's getting laid!

Check out this Major!  He's got the brief on sexual harassment....he's doing the arm around to pose for the pic but I'm not touching you thing!

that guy needs a freaking haircut.

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