Wednesday, September 09, 2015

About the ST Kinetics Terrex 2 Advanced...

I was caught by surprise when I checked out my feed and saw the ST Kinetics Terrex 2 Advanced (I'm labeling it "advanced" to differentiate it from the other Terrex 2 which you can see below).

Amazing isn't it.  This was the vehicle that was just tested last they've totally reskinned it!

One thing is readily apparent.  This thing is built to swim and do it well. Check out the parts that I have highlighted.  Starting from the back and moving forward.  Do you see the fairing just ahead of the propeller?  That's been changed to permit better water flow (as has the whole vehicle).  The hydrodynamics engineers must have been working overtime on this vehicle!  Additionally the nose has been redesigned.  Again we see improvements in its hydrodynamic performance.  Last is the trim vane.  That bad boy has been enlarged.  The "original" vehicle traveled low in the water...almost to the point of being partially submerged.  This rig won't have that problem.

I thought that the Terrex would be the most digitally advanced model.  I felt that it would perform well on land but that its swim speed would be its Achilles heel.

I don't know anymore.

I'm still predicting a price shootout but its gonna be hard to criticize any vehicle that is picked.

BAE/IVECO Super AV and ST Kinetics/SAIC Terrex 2 Advanced for the downselect?

It wouldn't surprise me one bit.  Let's just get this program GOING!

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