Friday, September 04, 2015

About that Chinese Propaganda Vid....

Everyone and their mothers sent me the above vid.  Quite honestly I didn't even bother watching it till I saw it on Bayou Renaissance Man's Blog.

I'm glad I did and I'm sorry I didn't watch it sooner.

What did I see?

1.  The thing that jumped out at me almost immediately was the timeframe in which the video was set.  It read "20XX".  That's pretty damn ominous and indicates a 10 year time frame for them to get the job done.  It also gives an indication that either..
(a)  They believe that the West/US will be so involved in another region that they will not be able to react in the Pacific..or...
(b)  They believe that the West/US will be so weak that we wouldn't dare oppose them...or...
(c)  They've taken the measure of our civilian and military leadership and think that we won't have the stomach to react.

2.  Did you notice the hardware involved in this mythical conflict.  Nothing fanciful.  Nothing exotic.  Nothing we haven't seen on parade.  The assumption is that they will be able to fight us and win with the basic gear that they already have on hand.

3.  We're finally getting a clue on how they view the J-20, J-11 and J-10.  If we're to believe this video then the J-20 is their new heavyweight fighter...the Chinese F-35 killer.  The J-11 and J-10 are multi-role.  Everyone assumes that the J-20 is an AWACs hunter.  Nope.  Its a response to our stealth fighters.

4.  Did you notice the clinched fist?  We can expect the Chinese to act as if they're the victim and is responding to US/Japanese aggression.  They show a crashed transport as being the catalyst for the fighting.  We can probably expect this in real life too.

5.  The Carrier killer part was interesting too.  I didn't count the number of launchers but the vid made me ask a serious what if.  What if this carrier killer carries multiple conventional warheads?  What if they're highly maneuverable.  What if they carry a number of decoys?  Hitting a carrier doing almost 40 knots is hard, but if they have MIRVs, if they have decoys and if they have long range drones feeding targeting information then this is a doable feat.

Long story short?

The Chinese have been reading my fiction.

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