Wednesday, September 23, 2015

BAE's SuperAV harkens back to the first USMC landing craft (at least in their designation)!

Pic via Defense Media Review

Kinetics was discussing aspects of the ACV and posted the above pic in comments to illustrate why I believe that BAE/IVECO have cracked part of the code to improve water speed for wheeled vehicles.

Save that for another discussion.  What caught my eye is the nomenclature that BAE assigned to the SuperAV.  Do you see it?  The "LVW-1"?  Landing Vehicle Wheeled-1! A simple nod to the Marine Corps past but in my opinion brilliant.

Anyone that has even a passing interest in the Marine Corps knows all about Roebling's Alligator, later designated the "LVT" or Landing Vehicle Tracked.  It revolutionized Marine Corps operations and saved lives.

Let's hope that the LVW-1 carries on that tradition.

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