Sunday, September 20, 2015

Canada's liberal party states that they will kill the F-35!

via CBCNews.
The Liberal Party will scrap the Conservatives' troubled F-35 fighter jet program should they assume government, Leader Justin Trudeau announced in Halifax today.
"Our Canadian Forces are in a state of stagnation," Trudeau said to a crowd of supporters at Pier 21 in Halifax, home to the Canadian Museum of Immigration.
In its place, the Liberals said they would launch an "open and transparent competition" to buy more affordable planes to replace Canada's aging CF-18 jets. Trudeau said the money saved by scrapping the F-35 procurement would go primarily to increasing spending on the Royal Canadian Navy.
The primary mission of our fighter aircraft, Trudeau said, is the defence of North America.

Isn't it interesting.

The affordable, advanced, and game changing fighter is now a major issue in an partner country's election process.  Additionally it can be claimed that by supporting the F-35, the Conservative party is jeopardizing their majority.

Wouldn't it be a kick in the ass to be able to say that the plane is such a mess that its toppled a govt?  Next time we want regime change just send F-35's...not to bomb the enemy but as a gift to their military!

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