Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cdr Salamander rides to rescue the USNI Blog...

Commander Salamander has a new blog post up at USNI Blog.  Read it here.

While I'm a fan of his, I can't help but notice the timing.  I can't help but be annoyed and even more pissed off at seeing this than I was at Mabus for his idiocy.  USNI Blog needs to be taken down to the river and held under til its feet stop kicking.  It needs to be shot in the face.  It needs to be curb stomped.

Those bastards pushed the female in the infantry agenda.  They did it and they basically spit in everyone's faces when they were called on it.

So now they get what they want and believe that a "cleansing" blog post by Sal can set everything right?

Hell no!

Three words for the people in that shop.

Fuck you all.

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