Tuesday, September 29, 2015

China continues to "arm up" while we're focused on a failed ME policy...

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Pic and story via Janes...
Satellite imagery suggests that China may be building its first aircraft carrier at Dalian shipyard in northern China.
Airbus Defence and Space imagery captured on 22 September suggests that the possible carrier is under construction in the dry dock associated with the refit and repair of Liaoning (CV16), the Soviet-era Kuznetsov-class carrier acquired from Ukraine that is now in People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) service.
The new hull, first noted under construction in imagery captured on 10 March, is in an advanced state of assembly.
IHS Jane's first noted preparations for a new vessel's assembly at the dry dock in Airbus Defence and Space imagery captured on 27 February. After the launch of a large commercial cargo vessel, the empty dry dock contained multiple support blocks used to provide a base for keel assembly. On 10 March, further imagery showed the initial stages of hull construction. At the time, the support layout suggested a hull of 150 to 170 m in length with a beam of about 30 m.
The hull assembly continued through the summer. Imagery from 22 September shows a lengthened aft section and expanded bow. The hull is currently assessed to have a length of about 240 m and a beam of about 35 m. The incomplete bow suggests a length of at least 270 m for the completed hull.
Given the incomplete nature of the upper decks, definitive identification of the Dalian hull as the first so-called '001A' aircraft carrier is not possible.
A couple of things.  Is it really any surprise that China would turn to its own domestic shipbuilding operations to kill two birds with one stone?  Its a no-brainer to stimulate their economy by keeping ship yards busy while at the same time accomplishing military modernization goals.

I think we're going to see alot more from the Chinese in the next few months. Our military is focused on ISIS, the budget and women in the military. They're focusing on achieving military parity.

This has gone from a comedy of errors to just bad.  I think Bob's Burgers said it best...Bad Things Are Bad....

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