Sunday, September 06, 2015

Defence 24 on the Rosomak-M, and a VERY interesting tidbit about the AMV2 Havoc!

via Defense it all here....
The Wolverine-M Concept managed to raise the maximum weight to swim with the current 22.5 tons to more than 23.5 tons (and ultimately planned to get more than 24 tons with an increase in displacement from the current approx. 2 tons) for the DMC vehicle 26 tons. Displacement of the car was increased thanks to additional module / board filled with special foam on Disc is the front lower hull and an optional filler foam in the space between primary and secondary armor.
Interesting.  I always thought that the Havoc would be the superior land performing with the BAE/IVECO SuperAV probably winning because it was the best swimmer.  Seems like some major work was done on the Havoc/Wolverine's swim ability and the gap probably closed.  Read the entire article and use BABELFISH to get the best translation, but I found this part intriguing...
Finns (based mainly on the Polish experience) have developed a new variant of the vehicle marked AMV2 Havoc, who only visually resembles our Wolverine and is offered in the program to obtain new transporter floating Marine Personnel Carrier for the USMC in consortium with the company Lockheed Martin. It is a vehicle bigger, which is 32 tonnes GVW. Changed everything about it - from the drive after the new rear ramp landing craft.
What the hell does this mean?

Did Lockheed Martin and Patria kiss and make up?  Are they teaming again?  Or did Lockheed take their work and run...entering their own vehicle and giving Patria the middle finger?

Just plain wow.

Sidenote:  Does the Rosomak appear to be sporting a Bradley turret(Random Reader corrected me on this....its a HIT FIST turret)?  I think I saw that same concept offered to the US Army a while ago.

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