Tuesday, September 15, 2015

DSEI shows the US military losing respect among enemies and allies alike...

Check this out from Defense One...
There was political theater and a few one-liners, as the panel remained cordial and the admirals were all smiles during handshakes before and after. But the tension was real and the messages direct.
“The South China Sea, as the name indicated, is a sea area. It belongs to China,” said Vice Adm. Yuan Yubai, who commands the North Sea Fleet for the People’s Liberation Army Navy.
Yubai said China is working with theU.S. military on a code of conduct for aircraft encounters, which he hoped would help avoid conflict among the five nations with claims in the South China Sea.
“I believe after this code of conduct is successfully passed, all the neighboring countries around this area will have good communication with each other whenever such unexpected encounters occur,” Yuba said.
That's a Chinese Admiral speaking there....sitting next to a US Navy Admiral.  Just plain wow.  But check this out. from Defense One too, but this time talking about US Army helicopter modernization plans....
In a blunt address to a room of global helicopter experts, Lt. Gen. Alexander Schnitger said the two primary designs being evaluated by the Army are not ambitious enough and could fall far short of what NATO needs to win a war.
“Sure, requirements call for a helicopter that is twice as fast and can fly twice as far as the current generation, but both solutions are based on ’80s technology, refreshed a little bit,”
Schnitger said at the DSEI global security conference.
A fucking Royal Netherlands Air Force Officer has the audacity to criticize a US Army program when his nation can't even match the Army's reserve force?

Simply amazing.

We're witnessing something dangerous here.  Our enemies don't fear us and our allies don't respect us.

We need to fix this asap.

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