Wednesday, September 23, 2015

F-35 News. The USAF is losing the public perception war.

via Defense Aerospace from War is Boring.
Wing/PAs offices should support the objectives of this guidance by sharing F-35 information, anecdotes and success stories as they occur, both locally and up the chain through their MAJCOM up to SAF/PA. Wing PA offices will write internal stories for posting to their websites, engage their community leaders and support local, national and international media engagements in coordination with their MAJCOM and SAF/PA. Wings will also identify pilots and maintainers who are proficient at telling the F-35 story and are willing to lend their name and image to the effort. Names of identified Airmen will be provided to their MAJCOM and in turn toSAF/PA.
Read the story but my take is simple.  The USAF is losing the public perception battle over the F-35.  They're so desperate and leadership is so untrusted on this issue that they need fresh faces to step forward and talk up the airplane.

This is what we can see.

I wonder what we can't.  Its all coming back to the budget.  The focus is on planned parenthood and a possible govt shutdown.  The real action is in the defense sector.  Bad things are happening that could be prevented if we didn't shovel all this money into the F-35.

Pro-tip?  Keep an eye on the shipbuilding sector.  The death spiral for the F-35 is here.  Unfortunately military leadership is so wedded to the plane the my meme..."everything must die so that the F-35 can live" is coming true.

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