Friday, September 11, 2015

France creates a 7th Commando Marine...via Navy Recognition...

Thanks to Lee for the link!

via NR.
The French Ministry of Defence announced that defence minister Le Drian will lead the inauguration ceremony for the creation of a new "Commando Marine" (Navy Commando) unit on September 11 2015. According to the French Navy, this new special forces unit will be specialized in special operations support. In other words it will be some kind of "logistics" commando.
This new elite unit was created on September 1st this year and is named after Vice Admiral Pierre Ponchardier (1909-1961) , commanding officer of aircraft carrier La Fayette and vice Chief of Navy Staff. He distinguished himself during the Second World War in service of the nation by creating with his brother the resistance network "Sosie".
Hmm.  Special Ops types like to play with the word "support".  I've seen it applied to shooters that don't wear uniforms, all the way to some bubba passing out beans and bullets so I'm not sure what this "logistics" commando will actually be doing till we get a bit more info.

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