Saturday, September 12, 2015

Germany puts 4,000 soldiers on alert to deal with flood of refugees via

via DW...
Germany has put 4,000 troops on standby to help with incoming refugees. Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said the soldiers would help in emergency cases and that more could be called upon in future.
Von der Leyen said on Friday that the troops would be ready to help out with the unprecedented influx of refugees, if necessary.
"For this weekend alone we have put 4,000 soldiers on standby," von der Leyen told the German weekly news magazine "Der Spiegel." She added that the soldiers should be able "to help out in an emergency."
"We still have room to scale this up," she said, adding that the country could count on the support of the Bundeswehr.
German towns and cities are struggling to deal with a record influx of refugees, most of whom arrived by train via Austria. Thousands of people arriving on a daily basis, with the migrants being housed in old schools, office blocks and army barracks. The army said on Thursday it was now housing 14,500 refugees in 41 locations.

Yep.  This is going well and the German govt isn't worried at all.

Pass the hotdogs.  Looks like the fire is about to start....

Sidenote:  DW not credible to you?  How about this article from Der Spiegel where they say that Germany's asylum system is near the breaking point?
Thinking with your heart instead of your head always leads to failure.

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