Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Haynie/USNI Blog carry the day. Navy/Marines to open combat arms to women.

With more than three months to go before the year-end deadline, the Navy Secretary made it clear on Monday: he will not be requesting any exceptions to the Pentagon edict that all U.S. military jobs be opened to women.
“Nobody’s asking for an exemption in the Navy,” Mabus told an audience at the the City Club of Cleveland. “And I’ve been pretty clear about this for a while – I’m not going to ask for an exemption for the Marines.”
To Haynie and her band of zealots over at the USNI Blog.  You won.  Congrats.  You're wrong as fuck but you won.

Next.  Mabus?  Suck a dick you arrogant bastard.  You're gonna wreck the Marine Corps, fill body bags and lose battles.  You will go down in history as a political hack that fiddled while the Naval Services burned.

To Dunford.  You had your chance to prove your mettle.  You bailed on the Marine Corps to become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.  You're a politician and a disappointment.  I thought you had moral courage but in the end you're just like the others that are in leadership.  The difference.  Amos was easy to spot.  You had better camouflage.

Rant over.

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