Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hezbollah Terrorist Group is forming a reinforced Tank Battalion????

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via Elijahjm Blog
Google translation:
– Iranian Special forces arrived to Damascus this week to join Russian and Hezbollah counterparts
– Areas of influence, deployment and tasks are distributed between Russia, Syrian Forces, Hezbollah and Iran.
– Russia will be incharge of Lattakia, Hama and Aleppo
– Iran will be in charge of the protection of Damascus, Daraa, Quneitra and the Golan to the Israeli borders
– Hezbollah will be deployed on the fronts with al-Qaeda and the “Islamic State” group
– Hezbollah is forming the first new armored brigade composed of 75 Tanks newly received

If this is true then we need to TOTALLY reorient our position on Russia (meaning the Pentagon and State Dept).  I've been calling for a partnership with Russia on the ISIS issue and I've talked about them helping to keep Hezbollah on a leash.

If Hezbollah is actually forming a reinforced Tank Battalion...if Iran is going to be in charge of the opposite side of the Golan Heights then its essential that we at least talk to the Russian Bear like adults.

I can't confirm any of this but it wouldn't surprise me if its true.  The media in the US is ALWAYS late with breaking developments.

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