Sunday, September 06, 2015

Hi-Point Carbines are the latest "hotness" in truck guns?

via SWATMagazine...
At my local gun palace, I watched a guy examine a pistol-based carbine. Keith, my favorite sales rep, said, “Those are Hi-Points and we can’t keep ‘em in the store.” He said most of the countermen had purchased them as the hot new truck gun, and word is spreading fast in the Texas Hill Country that they are dynamite for wild pigs in heavy cover. And the price? Depending on caliber, $265 to $325!
Being a cop, the needle on my skeptic alert started to jump. Frankly, I expected something clunky at that price point, but right out of the box, the Hi- Point carbine felt solid and substantial.
The world is changing.

A Hi-Point being a firearm worth considering?  It boggles the mind!  But maybe...just maybe they have a legit weapon here.  I know that several YouTube "creators" swear by them and have given them good reviews but I just never even considered it for a truck gun.

But maybe that's the niche they've conquered.

What's the biggest fear for gun owners?  That despite their best efforts someone breaks into their vehicle, defeats their locking mechanisms (and by god if you leave a vehicle in your car you should (A) have a kill switch so it can't be driven away and (B) have made serious allowances to keep your weapon secure) and steals their gun.

Assuming you're responsible and your gun is still stolen then you don't want it to be a $1500 plus setup.

So a low cost alternative might be the ticket.  But a Hi-Point?  Who knew!

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