Sunday, September 13, 2015

Houthi rebels have captured 4 bases inside Saudi Arabia!

Thanks to Spook for the link!

via PressTV.
Yemeni forces have seized control of four Saudi military bases in the southwestern province of Dhahran al-Janub.
Fighters of the Houthi Ansarullah movement, backed by allied forces of the army, took control of the strategically important bases in the Saudi province, the southwestern region of Asir, Yemen's al-Masirah TV reported on Saturday.
The Yemeni forces set fire to lookout towers and three munitions depots at the Saudi bases. The Ansarullah fighters also destroyed at least 19 military vehicles of Saudi forces in the region.
Several Saudi soldiers are reported to have been killed in the latest operation by the Yemeni forces.
Separately, Ansarullah fighters inflicted heavy losses on Saudi forces after they targeted military installations in the regions of al-Hejlah and Jabal al-Doud in Jizan Province of southern Saudi Arabia.
The Yemeni Rebels have taken the fight to Saudi Arabia!

This crisis has turned into a massive shit sandwich and I would be body parts that US forces are already enroute and will be deployed on the ground shortly.

The regional war I predicted is officially here.

As a sidenote we have to give the Rebels and their advisors credit.  They face a much more lavishly equipped force and not only are they defeating them, but now they're carrying the war to their home turf.

The EU/US/NATO?  Zero. Zilch.  Nada.  Iran/Houthi/Assad/Putin?  1000!

The "listed" enemies of the EU/US/NATO are having a run of good luck....or as professionals would say....they adjusted to changing situations, planned properly and then implemented it to perfection.

We need pros in our military, intel and diplomatic depts.  Our amateurs, zealots and true believers are getting their asses kicked.

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