Tuesday, September 01, 2015

My question of the day. Why is Kim Kardashian famous?

Can anyone answer a question for me.  Why is Kim Kardashian famous?  Lets be actual and factual (and bit vulgar, but the truth requires it).

Is it because she's hot?  Has a great rack and nice ass?  No.  I see women as beautiful, as hot, as voluptuous with better personalities in passing every week.  They're not famous.  Is it because she did a porn video?  I've seen it and wasn't impressed or "thrilled".  I can show you at least 10 others that would make you excuse yourself from the room, only to come back only stupid.

Is it because she's rich?  The rich are a dime a dozen.  Don't care one bit about them.  They're usually conceited and self absorbed asses (just generalizing don't get it twisted).  Is it because she's from a family that is obviously dysfunctional?  Can't be.  You can throw a rock and hit at least half a dozen jacked up families.

So you tell me.  How did this woman become so damn famous?  Why are so many kids and adults following her every move?

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