Sunday, September 06, 2015

Otokar Tulpar-S....The FNSS Tiger-20's competition...

Remember the post I did about the FNSS Tiger-20 (read it here).  I mused about the number of projects going on and the fact that many of them seemed to overlap.

I was wrong.

What did I miss?  I missed the fact that while we're all complaining about Europe not arming up to the satisfaction of many, Turkey is going full tilt on getting gear to its troops.  Additionally they're taking a balanced approach to it too.  Armored vehicle modernization is not lagging and they're looking for a new APC/IFV.

Enter the Tulpar-S.  The spec sheet is below.

My big takeaway from all this?  The Turks are determined to have a self contained defense industry.  They're attempting to cover all bases from aircraft, to armored vehicles even to ships.

How we feel about their President is immaterial.  We all need to keep eyes on developments there.

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