Friday, September 18, 2015

Pentagon Warns of F-35 Cuts.....

via Bloomberg..
The Pentagon would cut purchases of Lockheed Martin Corp.’s F-35 by a third if the current deadlock over the next year’s U.S. spending ends in a full-year stopgap bill, according to Comptroller Michael McCord.
“It would be illegal to buy” more than the 38 stealth fighters being purchased this year, McCord said in an interview. “So there’s 19 planes we are not buying if we are in a full-year” extension of current spending.

It was an early warning from the Defense Department on what it considers the worst-case outcome of current federal spending conflicts within Congress and between lawmakers and the White House: Gridlock probably would lead to a short-term “continuing resolution” to keep the government operating when the fiscal year begins on Oct. 1 -- or to reopen it after a brief shutdown.
If such a workaround is later extended for the rest of the year, weapons production rates would be frozen at the previous year’s level while new programs and multiyear contracts are precluded, McCord said.
Interesting.  This current crop of military leaders threw their supporters under the bus, talked about a "new" this or that, lied and treated those that actually CARE about military matters like fools.


Now they expect sympathy?  Now they need the public to mobilize to make phone calls to show displeasure and they really think its going to happen?

Why should we?

Pass the popcorn.  I want to see the budget burn.  I want sequestration, not just another continuing resolution!  They wasted money, made stupid budget decisions and placed platforms over people....and decided that a social experiment is more important than combat capability.

The worst leadership in several generations is gonna finally get its comeuppance.

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