Thursday, September 03, 2015

Question. Who was China's military parade aimed at?

Who did the Chinese want to be the main audience of their military parade?  I'm thinking it goes a bit like this....

1.  The Chinese people...
Leadership there wants the people to have pride in the force that they have built and how their strength must now be respected.  Nationalism is not to be underestimated.

2.  The Japanese...
Think racism is an issue in the states?  Try a little time in Asia.  Add to that the people in the region have a long memory when it comes to history (you have a cluster of civilizations in the region that advanced more rapidly than the West) and you have hurt feelings, hatred and bitterness that date back BEFORE WW2...and WW2 was bad.

3.  The United States...
I think the message is that we're here, we're to be respected, we will act in our own interests and you should stay out of our affairs.

The Chinese put on a good show.  If I was Japanese Defense Official I would be more than a little concerned.  On this blog we look at this issue from a US perspective.  If I glanced at that weaponry from a Japanese view I'd be concerned about national survival.  Not only can the Chinese overwhelm them one v. one but if the US doesn't act quickly those gains will be irreversible.

Long story short.  The Chinese own the 1st Island Chain and outside of a massive military buildup by Japan and the US there is little we can do about it.  Even worse?  We can contest the 2nd Chain, but they're rapidly approaching the ability to dominate there too.  We're losing the war before it even starts.

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