Monday, September 21, 2015

Russia is the new powerbroker in the Middle East...Netanyahu brings both IDF chief and intelligence head to Russia

Thanks to Maurice for the link!

via Times of Israel
Both IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot and Military Intelligence Head Maj. Gen. Herzl “Hertzi” Halevi are accompanying Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the movement of Russian troops into Syria with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his advisers.
The presence of either one of these generals on this trip would be notable in itself. That both are traveling with Netanyahu is meant to demonstrate to both the people of Israel and the government of Russia the gravity of the situation on Israel’s northern border and the IDF’s intention to keep up airstrikes on high-priority Hezbollah targets in Syria.
Israel has admitted to targeting several Hezbollah and Syrian weapons facilities and convoys in the past several years, and it has beenassumed that the Israel Air Force has carried out many more, despite officials’ refusal to claim responsibility.

This whole situation circles back to the Iranian Nuke Deal.  All of our "partners" in the region were publicly supportive (except for Israel, the PM was vilified for giving voice to the concerns of the region) but privately they were freaking out.

Between the nuke deal, a pathetic war on ISIS, the desire to leave the region and policy failure around the region, a power vacuum was created.

Russia is filling that vacuum and the Israeli's are simply dancing to the new music.

Consider this.  If we can see this part of the puzzle then what's going on behind the scenes?  Our influence in the region is now zero.  We are looking at a total collapse of our Middle East strategy.

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