Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Russian Air Strikes in Syria? No big deal...

I've been watching the news media breathlessly cover Russian air strikes in Syria.  Simply amazing.  If they had been paying any attention at all then this wouldn't be surprising...SNAFU! (in my opinion) has been so far ahead on this issue that its mindboggling.

The Russians have fully engaged (and probably were before this announcement) so the only thing left to do is to do what we both agree on.

Kill ISIS.

The only thing that really gives me pause on the issue is the Pentagon response.  I want to believe that someone in the building and in our services has some common sense....understands that working with Russia to de-conflict the battlespace is in our interest.

But I just don't see it.

Quite honestly this is no big deal and should have been expected.  The really big deal is how the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the rest of the service Chiefs and the intel community respond to the failed ideas coming from the State Dept and White House.

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