Sunday, September 06, 2015

Russia's Lightweight Kornet Anti-Tank/Material Missile Vehicle...

via Russian Military Technology...
Paratroopers in south Russia to test Kornet anti-tank system
September 6 - Airborne troops will test the advanced Kornet antitank guided missile (ATGM) system during the Slavic Brotherhood exercises near the south Russian city of Novorossiisk prior to its service entry with the Russian Airborne Force, a defense ministry spokesperson said.
"An antitank platoon will fire the Kornet ATGM system that has not entered service yet," the spokesperson said adding that the Kornet features an extended range and an improved guidance system over the Fagot system currently used by airborne troops.

The CIA, DIA, Naval Intelligence...SOMEONE needs to catalog this stuff!  I thought the Kornet was already in service!

Ignoring that for a minute, the concept is interesting.  8 ready to launch anti-tank missiles on a light vehicle (relatively light)?  Credit has to be given.  Its a great idea and would have application to other weapons fit too.  Remember LM's testing of the APKWS on their JLTV offering?  Could you imagine a HUMVEE with 32 ready to go 2.75 rockets?

Battlefield multiplier!

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